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This portal tracks the research and sea-going activities of the Fisheries Engineering and Acoustic Technologies (FEAT) Team from NOAA¿s Northwest Fisheries Science Center.  Follow us as we use acoustics, trawling, and oceanographic sampling to learn about the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Back deck of Bell M. Shimada
Acoustic echogram of hake
trawl catch

Parting images from leg 2

July 26, 2017

Here are some parting shots of the 2017 Hake Summer Survey Wet Lab crew! Thanks to Jason Eibner, Heather Rippman, Haley Wunderlich, and Garima Raheja for coming out, collecting great data, and being such a fantastic addition to the survey!


Sea lions playing; image credit Haley Wunderlich


Cleaning up with Garima Raheja (left) and Haley Wunderlich (right); image credit Heather Rippman


King-of-the-Salmon with Jason Eibner (right), wet lab lead biologist; image credit Heather Rippman


Inking squid in saltwater; video credit Heather Rippman


Parting sunset; image credit Haley Wunderlich

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