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This portal tracks the research and sea-going activities of the Fisheries Engineering and Acoustic Technologies (FEAT) Team from NOAA¿s Northwest Fisheries Science Center.  Follow us as we use acoustics, trawling, and oceanographic sampling to learn about the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Back deck of Bell M. Shimada
Acoustic echogram of hake
trawl catch

Follow us on the winter hake survey!

By Sandy Parker-Stetter
January 8, 2016

Our home for the next month- the 209¿ NOAA Ship Bell M Shimada.

Little is known about what hake do during the winter, so the NWFSC Fisheries Engineering & Acoustic Technologies (FEAT) team will be conducting a first time winter survey of spawning hake.  We¿ll be aboard the 209¿ NOAA Ship Bell M Shimada from 9 Jan to 9 Feb.

Since this is a research survey, we don¿t know when or where we¿ll find hake, but we have a base design to work with (see map below).  Follow us as we sample between Newport, OR and San Diego, CA.


Our focal species, the hake (Merluccius productus).





Check back for posts on why we¿re doing this survey, how this exploratory approach works, interesting findings, and posts on what life at sea is like!

Map of our study area showing the transect lines (black lines)
we'll be sampling over the next month. (Photo credit Sandy Parker-Stetter)

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