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This portal tracks the research and sea-going activities of the Fisheries Engineering and Acoustic Technologies (FEAT) Team from NOAA¿s Northwest Fisheries Science Center.  Follow us as we use acoustics, trawling, and oceanographic sampling to learn about the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

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Placing our bets

By Sandy Parker-Stetter
January 13, 2016

Colored magnets show guesses of where we will find our first hake – note that the guesses span from latitudes 32° to 43°23’, but most people think we’ll see hake before we hit San Francisco. (Photo credir Sandy Parker-Stetter)


The second most common question I am asked about the survey is, “Where will you find hake?”  This is a great question, but we really don’t know the answer!

When we were designing the 2016 winter hake survey, we had little information to work with.  The adults could be in southern CA as is conventionally thought, or they could be further north as other observations suggest, particularly since this is a strong El Niño year.  We’re really not sure when we’ll first encounter spawning hake, but the science party and ship’s crew are placing their guesses on the large survey map in the acoustic lab.  Some say we’ll see them soon and others say it will be later in the survey down south.  My guess is the orange mark just west of Eureka, CA.


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