Northwest Fisheries Science Center


Systematic peer reviews of our programs improve integration, identify best practices, and share successes and challenges within our science enterprise. The review processes include opportunities for public involvement, which is part of our broader dialog with fishery management councils, fishing industry, and other stakeholders.

Introducing A New Program Review Process

In January 2013, NOAA Fisheries initiated a standardized process to peer review science conducted by each of the six science centers and the headquarters Office of Science and Technology. Science program reviews will be conducted on a five-year cycle, with a different thematic focus each year. More information on NOAA Fisheries reviews is available at The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site NOAA Fisheries Science Program Review.

Focus of 2013 Review

This year's focus is on the data collection and management programs that support California Current groundfish stock assessments for stocks managed under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The review will begin with an overview of West Coast groundfish fisheries and stock assessments and will be followed with a description of how data are used in stock assessments. Each of the key data collection programs, including both fishery dependent and fishery independent, will be presented followed by a discussion period with the review panelists.

The program review meeting is open to the public and time will be set aside near the close of each day for comments from public participants.