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Background Materials

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DateTimeTopicPresenter/Lead and Presentation (PDF)Primary DocumentsSupporting Documents
June 10, 2014
NWFSC Auditorium
A. Overview and Background Material
8:30 AMA.1 Introductions and Charge to Review PanelJohn Stein2014 Science Program Review Terms of Reference Fishery Stock Assessment Acronyms and Abbreviations
8:45 AMA.2 Overview of NWFSC Organization and Stock Assessment ResponsibilitiesJohn Stein NWFSC About the Center 2012
NWFSC Year in Review_2013
NWFSC Strategic Science Plan 2013
9:00 AMA.3 Overview of Results from 2013 Data Program ReviewMichelle McClure 2013 Data Science Program Review TORs
2013 Data Program Reviewers Report
2013 Data Program NWFSC Response
Data Matrix_2013 Program Review
9:30 AMA.4 Overview of WC Groundfish Fishery and FMPJim Hastie Overview of Pacific coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan Complete Pacific Coast Groundfish Fisheries Management Plan
10:00 AMA.5 NWFSC Stock Assessment Staff and Overview of Stock Assessment ProcessOwen Hamel Terms of Reference for Pacific coast groundfish and CPS stock assessments and STAR panels Stock Assessment 101 video
10:30 AMBreak
B. Stock Assessment Process
10:45 AMB.1 PFMC Management and Assessment ProcessJohn DeVore DRAFT PFMC Groundfish SAFE Document
11:15 AMB.2 Stock Assessment Process: From Data to Model to ReportVlada Gertseva Terms of Reference for Pacific coast groundfish and CPS stock assessments and STAR panels
Darkblotched Rockfish_Stock Assessment 2013
P. Hake stock assessment 2014
Prior Stock Assessment: Darkblotched Rockfish_2005
Prior Stock Assessment P. hake 2002
12:15 PMLunch
C. Science and Technical Approach
1:15 PMC.1 Analytical Tools Used to Produce Assessment InputsIan Taylor Thorson and Ward.2013(Abstract)
Thorson and Ward, In press (Abstract)
1:45 PMC.2 Benchmark Assessment ModelsIan Taylor Stock Synthesis 3 (SS3)_User Manual
Stock Synthesis 3_(SS3)_Technical Description Manual
2:30 PMC.3 Data-Poor Assessment ModelsJason Cope Dick and MacCall_2010_SWFSC Tech Memo
Dick and MacCall_2011 (Abstract)
Carruthers et al. 2014 (Abstract)
Wetzel and Punt. 2011 (Abstract)
Cope_2013 (Abstract)
Data-Poor Methods_STAR (2011)
Data-Moderate Methods STAR Review (2012)
Draft Data Moderate Assessment (2013)
Data Moderate STAR Review Report (2013)
3:00 PMC.4 Data Moderate Assessment Models
3:30 PMBreak
3:45 PMPublic CommentRich Ferrero
4:00 PMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
5:30 PMAdjournRich Ferrero
June 11, 2014
NWFSC Auditorium
D. Peer Review Process
8:30 AMReview the Schedule for Day 2Rich Ferrero
8:40 AMD.1 STAR Panel Process and SSC ReviewsAndre Punt Terms of Reference for Pacific coast groundfish and CPS stock assessments and STAR panels
Terms of Reference for Methodology Reviews
Darkbotched Rockfish STAR Panel Report_2013
Darkblotched Rockfish CIE Report_1_2013
Darkblotched Rockfish CIE Report_2_2013
NS2 Guidelines
9:10 AMD.2 P. hake/Whiting Assessment and Scientific Review Group ProcessMichelle McClure TORs for P.hake /Whiting Joint Technical Committee
TORS for P.hake /Whiting Scientific Review Group
P.hake Stock Assessment_2014
P.hake / Whiting SRG_Report_2014
2003 Pacific Whiting Agreement with Canada
2010 Amendment to the Pacific Whitng Act of 2006
9:30 AMD.3 Peer Review Process Wrap-UpOwen HamelD.3 TORs for Groundfish Rebuilding Analysis Punt and Ralston 2007
9:50 AMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
10:15 AMBreak
E. Organization and Priorities
10:30 AME.1 Center Priorities and Building Asssessment Staffing CapacityJim Hastie NWFSC Strategic Science Plan_2013
10:50 AME.2 Prioritizing WC Groundfish Stock Assessments and Portfolio ManagementJim Hastie National Prioritization Briefing
11:30 AMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
12:00 PMLunch
1:00 PME.3 NWFSC Assessment-Related ResearchJim Thorson Publication List (2008-13) Excel File

Examples of Publications:
Thorson et al. 2014(Abstract)
MacCall 2013 (Abstract)
Taylor et al. 2013 (Abstract)
Thorson et al. 2013 (Abstract)
Haltuch and Punt 2013 (Abstract)
Methot and Taylor 2011 (Abstract)
Ralston et al. 2011 (Full Text)
Cope and Punt. 2009 (Abstract)
NWFSC_Funded Proposals(2008-13)
1:45 PME.4 NWFSC Balancing Assessment Activities and ResearchJim Hastie PFMC Research and Data Needs_2008 PFMC_SupportingMaterials_STAR Recommnedations_2009-11
PFMC 2007 STAR Recommendations
2:30 PME.5 SWFSC Assessment-Related Research & Balancing Assessment Activities and ResearchJohn Field
3:30 PMBreak
3:45 PME.6 Limiting Factors and BottlenecksJim Hastie
4:15 PMPublic CommentRich Ferrero
4:30 PMPanel Review DiscussionRich Ferrero
5:30 PMAdjournRich Ferrero
June 12, 2014
Seattle Yacht Club Heritage Room
F. Accomplishments Relative to Mandates
8:30 AMReview the Schedule for Day 3Rich Ferrero
8:40 AMF.1 NMFS Mandates and AccomplishmentsChantel Wetzel Marine Fisheries Stock Assessment Improvement Plan_2001
NS1 Guidelines
NS2 Guidelines
Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act_2007
9:30 AMF.2 Ecosystem ConsiderationsMelissa Haltuch 2011 Sablefish assessmt
P.hake Stock Assessment_2014
Ralston etal.2013
Groundfish poster_SWFSC_FED
PFMC Ecosystem FMP
California Current IEA
Annual State of the California Current Ecosystem
10:15 AMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
10:30 AMBreak
G. Communication
10:45 AMG.1 Communication with Data Collection Programs: Are assessment needs guiding research goals?Alan Hicks PFMC Stock Assessment Archive
11:30 AMG.2 Communicating Assessment ResultsAlan Hicks NMFS Species Information System Public Portal Stock Assessment 101 video
12:00 PMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
12:30 PMLunch
H. Research Opportunities
1:30 PMH.1 Opportunities for ImprovementsJim Thorson PFMC Research and Data Needs_2013
2:00 PMPanel DiscussionRich Ferrero
3:00 PMBreak
3:15 PMPublic CommentRich Ferrero
3:30 PMPanel Review and DiscussionRich Ferrero
5:00 PMAdjournRich Ferrero
June 13, 2014
I. Reporting Out
8:30 AMReview Panel Follow-Up with Center Scientists (as needed)Rich Ferrero
9:30 AMDrafting of Reports by Panel MembersRich Ferrero
10:30 AMClosed Session: Panel Members Report General Findings & Recommendations to Center LeadershipRich Ferrero
12:00 PMAdjournRich Ferrero

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