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NWFSC Program Reviews

2015 Science Program Review

West Coast Protected Fish Species Program Review

May 4-8, 2015
NOAA Western Regional Campus, Traynor Conference Room (Building 4)
Seattle, WA

In 2015 all NMFS Science Centers will be reviewed on Protected Species Science supporting the US Endangered Species Act and the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act. The objective for this review is to examine and evaluate each Center’s current scientific programs that provide information relative to the conservation and management of marine mammals, endangered or threatened wildlife and species of concern under NMFS jurisdiction. Reviewers will provide advice to the Centers on the direction and quality of their protected species science programs.

The NWFSC and SWFSC will conduct a joint review of West Coast Protected Species Science. The review will emphasize ESA-listed Pacific salmon and steelhead, but will also briefly touch on ESA-listed green sturgeon, eulachon and Puget Sound rockfish (yelloweye rockfish, canary rockfish, and bocaccio).


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If you would like to attend, RSVP to Christine Holt. If you are a foreign national, please let her know and RSVP by April 15th.

Review Panel Members

Daniel Schindler (Chair), University of Washington
David Hankin, Humboldt State University
Jennifer Ruesink, University of Washington
Anke Mueller-Solger, U.S. Geological Survey
John Kocik, NOAA Fisheries, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Ken Currens, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

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