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2017 Science Program Review

Economics and Human Dimensions Science Program Review

August 7-10, 2017
NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center Auditorium (Map and Directions)
Seattle, WA

In 2017 all NMFS Science Centers will be reviewed on Economics and Human Dimensions Science being carried out to provide social and economic information essential to the management, protection and restoration of ocean and coastal ecosystems, and ensuring sustainable benefits to the Nation.

A team of national experts will conduct the upcoming peer review. The reviewers will consider the overall goals and objectives for the NWFSC economics and sociocultural science programs, data collection related to commercial and recreational fisheries, fishery participants and communities, and the models and research tools used to analyze the data. In addition, these reviews will assess the extent to which current science programs are focused on the priority information needs required to complete the NMFS mission, assess the quality and effectiveness of these programs, and make recommendations for the future.

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Summary Panel Report

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Review Panel Members

Jim Sanchirico (chair), University of California, Davis
Robert Johnston, Clark University
Scott Steinback, NOAA Fisheries, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Arielle Levine, San Diego State University
Steve Freese, NOAA Fisheries, West Coast Region, Retired