Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Monster Seminar JAM

About Monster Seminar JAM

The NWFSC Monster Seminar JAM is a weekly seminar with presentations by Center scientists and guest speakers, and touches on variety of research fields, including landscape ecology, community ecology, genetics, wildlife biology, systematics, marine ecology, conservation biology, population biology and numerical modeling. Demonstrated applications included recovery planning, design of marine protected areas, fisheries management, marine mammal conservation, stock assessment, anthropogenic impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, policy and decision making, and sociopolitical and socioeconomic impacts of management actions.

The NWFSC Monster Seminar JAM is also part of the OneNOAA Science Discussion Seminar Series, a joint effort by several NOAA seminar partners to pool seminars of common interest to help share science and management information and to promote constructive dialogue between scientists, educators, and resource managers.

All seminars begin at 11:00 AM at the NWFSC's Auditorium and are open to the public.