Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Monster Seminar JAM

Archives Before Spring 2002

Winter 2002

11 Jan.
2:00 pm

Salmon forests: bear-mediated ecological linkages between oceanic and terrestrial ecosystems (Poster pdf)
Dr. Tom Reimchen
Department of Biology
University of Victoria

17 Jan.
11:00 am

Domoic acid in anchovies: food web consequences, neurotoxic effects, and implications for the fishery (Poster pdf)
Dr. Kathi Lefebvre
Environmental Conservation Division
Northwest Fisheries Science Center

24 Jan.
11:00 am

Therapy and prevention of infectious diseases in salmon captive broodstocks: the use of molecular genetics to identify magic bullets (Poster pdf)
Dr. Mark Strom
Resource Enhancement & Utilization Technologies Division
Northwest Fisheries Science Center

31 Jan.
11:00 am

The Ecology of disease in amphibians (Poster pdf)
Dr. David Skelly
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

7 Feb.
11:00 am

Microsatellite profiles of the genetic mating systems and reproductive natural histories of fishes (Poster pdf)
Dr. John Avise
Department of Genetics
University of Georgia

14 Feb.
11:00 am

A stable isotope and bioenergetic analysis of food web structure in Lake Superior (Poster pdf)
Dr. Chris Harvey
National Research Council - Post Doctoral Associate
Northwest Fisheries Science Center

21 Feb.
11:00 am

Evolution in mixed company ecological and genetic analyses of char and trout hybrid zones in western North America
Dr. Eric Taylor (Poster pdf)
Department of Zoology
University of British Columbia

26 Feb.
11:00 am

Strategical and tactical analyses of fish foraging behavior
Dr. Larry Dill (Poster pdf)
Department of Biological Science
Simon Fraser University

5 Mar.
10:00 am

Ecological theory of adaptive radiation: an empirical assessment from the coregonine fishes (Salmoniformes)
Dr. Louis Bernatchez (Poster pdf)
Départment de Biologie
Université Laval

8 Mar.
10:00 am

Endothermy in fish: thermogenesis, ecology and evolution
Dr. Barbara Block (Poster pdf)
Department of Biological Sciences
Stanford University

14 Mar.
11:00 am

Bull trout metapopulations, life history and persistence
Dr. Bruce Rieman (Poster pdf)
Rocky Mountain Research Station
U.S. Forest Service

Fall 2001

27 Sept.
11:00 am

Life-history Constraints of Marine Invertebrates and Algae: Cautions for Threatened and Endangered Species (Poster pdf)
Dr. Scott Rumsey
Protected Resources Division
National Marine Fisheries Service

4 Oct.
11:00 am

Towards Understanding Salmon Life-history Complexity with Models and Data (Poster pdf)
Dr. Rich Zabel
Fish Ecology Division
Northwest Fisheries Science Center

11 Oct.
11:00 am

Natural Selection and Gene Flow Fist-fight in Nature: Adaptive Divergence of Lake and Stream Threespine Stickleback (Poster pdf)
Dr. Andrew Hendry
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
University of Massachusetts Amherst

18 Oct.
11:00 am

The Evolutionary Ecology of Salmon Populations: Insights from Alaska and New Zealand (Poster pdf)
Dr. Tom Quinn
School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
University of Washington

25 Oct.
11:00 am

Why Forests and Oceans Matter to Freshwater Ecosystems
Dr. Daniel Schindler (Poster pdf)
Department of Zoology
University of Washington

1 Nov.
3:00 pm

Mechanisms of Density-Dependent Mortality in Coral Reef Fishes (Poster pdf)
Dr. Mark Hixon
Department of Zoology
Oregon State University

8 Nov.
11:00 am

Carnivores and "The Balance of Nature" (Poster pdf)
Dr. James Estes
Western Ecological Research Center
U.S. Geological Survey

16 Nov.
11:00 am

Age, Size and Longevity in Fish (Poster pdf)
Dr. Marc Mangel
Department of Environmental Studies
University of California Santa Cruz

23 Nov.

No Seminar.

30 Nov.
11:00 am

The Evolution of Placental-like Reproduction in the Fish Family Poeciliidae (Poster pdf)
Dr. Dave Reznick
University of California Riverside

7 Dec.
1:00 am

Population Dynamics of Reef Fishes at Multiple Scales (Poster pdf)
Dr. Graham Forrester
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Rhode Island

13 Dec.
2:00 pm

Marine Reserves: Parks, Baselines and Fishery Enhancement (Poster pdf)
Dr. Paul Dayton
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego