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The NWFSC Monster Seminar JAM is part of the OneNOAA Science Discussion Seminar Series. The OneNOAA series are a joint effort by several NOAA seminar partners to pool seminars of common interest to help share science and management information and to promote constructive dialogue between scientists, educators, and resource managers. For more information about the OneNOAA Seminar Series, please visit:

Contact: Diane Tierney, NWFSC's Monster Seminar Jam Coordinator

Winter Quarter Calendar

All seminars begin at 11:00 AM and are open to the public. For location and more information, click the seminar title.

January 12
Process studies to quantify ecosystem dynamics in the California Current
Dr. Brian K. Wells, Research Fishery Biologist, Fisheries Ecology Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

January 19
Historical context for the 2013-2016 NE Pacific Marine Heatwave
Dr. Nate Mantua, Landscape Ecology Team Leader, Fisheries Ecology Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

January 26
Examining the ecology and predation impacts of non-native fishes in the San Joaquin River, Califonia
Dr. Joseph M. Smith, Research Associate, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

February  2
Variability in migration of a Hawaiian freshwater fish: causes and consequences
Dr. James D. Hogan, Assistant Professor, Department of Life Sciences, Texas A&M  Corpus Christi

February 23
Common Carp Invasion of North American Lakes: Drivers and Consequences
Dr. Przemyslaw Bajer, Research Assistant Professor, Dept. Fisheries, Wildlife, and Cons. Biology, University of Minnesota

March  2
Estuary Restoration and Salmon Recovery: Lessons from Salmon River, Oregon
Daniel Bottom, Estuarine Ecologist, Estuary and Ocean Ecology Program, ODFW/NOAA

March  9
Stressed out whales? Using new methods to examine the physiological impacts of ocean noise on gray whales
Dr. Leigh Torres, Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University

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