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The NWFSC Monster Seminar JAM is part of the OneNOAA Science Discussion Seminar Series. The OneNOAA series are a joint effort by several NOAA seminar partners to pool seminars of common interest to help share science and management information and to promote constructive dialogue between scientists, educators, and resource managers. For more information about the OneNOAA Seminar Series, please visit:

Contact: Diane Tierney, NWFSC's Monster Seminar Jam Coordinator

Fall Quarter Calendar

All seminars begin at 11:00 AM and are open to the public. For location and more information, click the seminar title.

October  6
Fishing for Nutrition
Dr. Edward Allison, Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs,College of the Environment,University of Washington-Seattle

October 13
Monster Seminar JAM -Fisheries in 3D: 10 Years of Collaborative Research
Dr. Pete Lawson, Conservation Biology Division, NWFSC

October 14
Post-Monster Seminar
Meeting with Pete Lawson and interested parties

October 20
Monster Seminar JAM -Indigenous Health Indicators: Connecting human and ecosystem health
Larry Campbell, Wanaseah, Swinomish tribal elder and Community Health Environmental Specialist - Jamie Donatuto, Swinomish Community Environmental health Analyst

October 27
Monster Seminar JAM -Were North Pacific maritime communities impacted by prehistoric regime shifts? Evidence from archaeology and paleoecology
Dr. Ben Fitzhugh, Director, Quaternary Research Center Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology University of Washington

November 10
Dr. Daniel Bromley, Anderson-Bascom Professor of Applied Economics (Emeritus), Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 17
Monster Seminar JAM -The Chukchi Sea Shelf Habitat and EcoLogy of Fish and Zooplankton (SHELFZ) project: an interdisciplinary ecosystem study linking nearshore and offshore Arctic marine habitats
Dr. Libby Logerwell, Fisheries Interactions Team Lead, Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management Division, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

December  1
Monster Seminar JAM -Winners and Losers in Rocky Mountain Streams: Mining Old Data to Elucidate Impacts of Climate Change
Dr. Lisa Eby, Associate Professor of Aquatic Vertebrate Ecology; Undergraduate Program Director, Ecosystem Science & Restoration, College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana

December  8
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) program: working to reduce the impact of vessel traffic on cetaceans
Jason Wood, PhD. Senior Research Scientist, SMRU Consulting North America - Orla Robinson, M.Sc. Program Manager, ECHO Program, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

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