Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Killer Whale Sightings

Oh Where Do The Killer Whales Go?

We need your help finding out where Puget Sound Southern Resident Killer Whales go in the winter. Please report any sightings or strandings of killer whales to:


Center for Whale Research
(360) 378-5835

Northwest Fisheries
Science Center
toll free: (888) 840-0309

Dawn Noren

Information we need from you:

Number of animals seen?
Where did you see them (latitude and longitude if possible)?
When did you see them (date and time of day)?
What were they doing? Playing? Feeding, on what?
Were there any males (very large fin on their back)?
Any unusual markings? Scars?
Have you see killer whales in this area during
winter months in previous years?
Did you get pictures of any killer whales?

Thanks so much for your help!
Killer whale surfacing to breath