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Protectors of Puget Sound: Dr. Usha Varanasi, NW Fisheries and Science Center.
(December 4, 2007, Puget Sound Voices, KSVR FM) Usha Varanasi discusses the role that Northwest Fisheries Center has in the protection of the Puget Sound region. listen to the audio clip

Fishy Smell (Don't Ask, Don't Smell).
(October 31, 2007, Isla Earth Radio Series) NWFSC's scientists are studying how stream runoff pollution affects salmon olfaction. listen to the audio clip

Surrogate fish could save endangered brethren.
NPR Radio. October 16, 2007. John Nielsen. listen to the audio clip

High levels of toxic chemicals in younger orcas.
Seattle Times. October 11, 2007. Warren Cornwall.

Orca study lays out toxic legacy.
Kitsap Sun. October 11, 2007. Christopher Dunagan

Orcas so full of pollutants it's enough to sicken them.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. October 11, 2007. Lisa Stiffler.

New Danger to Puget Sound Orcas. KOMO TV News. October 11, 2007. Theron Zahn. watch the video clip

Study: killer whales store pollution found in coastal waters.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. October 11, 2007. Donna Blankinship, Associated Press.

Chinook returning to Cedar River big-time.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. October 4, 2007. Lisa Stiffler.

Itinerary of fish tag stuns fish biologists.
Oregonian. September 27, 2007. Michael Milstein.

Our Big Backyward: The Impact of Humans.
(September 5, 2007, KUOW 94.9) Nat Scholz was interviewed about the impact of contaminants on salmon in urban creeks. listen to the audio clip

Log airlift helps fish return to their roots.
Herald. August 29, 2007. Lucas Veloush.

Titi Recovery.
PTAGISWiki. August 24, 2007. No name.

Columbia River Salmon Tag Found In New Zealand Bird.
(August 17, 2007, Oregon Public Broadcasting)John Ferguson discusses how a Columbia River fish tag may have ended up in a birds stomach in New Zealand. listen to the audio clip

Salmon tag’s 7,700-mile journey puzzles NOAA scientists.
Puget Sound Business Journal. August 16, 2007. Ben Miller.

Scientists puzzled over fish tag that traveled 7,700 miles.
The Seattle Times. August 17, 2007. Craig Welch.

Columbia River fish tag found in New Zealand bird.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. August 17, 2007. Associated press.

Salmon tag's 7,700 mile journey puzzles NOAA scientists.
Puget Sound Business Journal. August 16, 2007. Ben Miller.

Columbia River fish tag found in New Zealand bird.
The Columbian. August 16, 2007. Associated press.

Columbia River fish tag found in New Zealand bird.
KXLY Channel 4 News. August 16, 2007. Associated Press.

Counts predict big year for little salmon.
The Oregonian. July 20, 2007. Richard L. Hill.

Looking for clues to save a species.
Vancouver Sun. July 9, 2007. Larry Pynn.

Scientists seek data on seafood contamination.
Anchorage Daily News. July 5, 2007. Associated Press.

Seattle scientists seek seafood contamination research.
Appeared in the Columbian, Tri-City Herald, Bellingham Herald, AM 1090 Radio, and Examiner. July 4, 2007. Associated Press.

Scientists aim to reverse seafood's recent bad rap.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. July 3, 2007. By Lisa Stiffler.

Scientists suggest seafood safety research. (exit site)
Seafood Currents. July 9, 2007. SFB Staff.

Seattle scientists call for nationwide research on seafood safety.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. July, 2, 2007. Lisa Stiffler.

Agencies studying chemicals found in Willamette River.
KGW. May 8, 2007. Randy Neves

Pollution threatens river’s health.
The Daily Astorian. May 8, 2007. Cassandra Profita

Portland-area rivers test positive for a veritable pharmacy, scientists find.
The Oregonian. May 7, 2007. Michael Milstein

2020: sharing a common vision of a healthy Sound.
Sound & Straits (People for Puget Sound newsletter). Spring 2007

What’s killing seabirds, scientists baffled.
Seattle Times. April 10, 2007. Lynda Mapes

Safe heavy metals hit fish senses.
New Scientist, April 9, 2007, Aria Pearson.

Global warming could deal big blow to salmon.
April 6, 2007. Seattle Times, by Hal Bernton.

A slippery problem.
Conservation Magazine. April 2, 2007. Staff writer.

Hormonal changes may be imperiling fish.
April 1, 2007. Seattle Times, by Warren Cornwall and Keith Ervin.

Warning system speeds word of toxic algae
(March 22, 2007, Earth and Sky Radio) Vera Trainer discusses a new rapid detection method for early identification of toxic algae. listen to the audio clip

The species and the specious.
March 15, 2007. Nature, Vol. 446, by Emma Marris.

Losing the scent of danger.
March 14, 2007. Environmental Science and Technology Science News, by Erika Engelhaupt

Preserving Puget Sound is a local effort for volunteers.
March 4, 2007. Skagit Valley Herald, by Marta Murvosh.

Just when you thought it was safe.
March 2, 2007. Kitsap Sun, by Christopher Dunagan.

Humans take control of Evolution.
February 15, 2007. New Scientist, by Peter Aldhous.

Scientists Dig Up Orcas for Clues. January 30, 2007. King 5 News, by Gary Chittim. (Brad Hanson discusses how preserved tissues can provide valuable information about feeding ecology of killer whales). watch the video clip

Aquatic non-scents: repercussions of water pollutants that mute smell.
January 27, 2007. Science News Vol. 171, No. 4, by Janet Raloff.

Pace, style of growth endanger Puget Sound.
January 16, 2007. Seattle Post-Intelligencer, by Neil Modie.