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Orcas dying in Puget Sound
(November 6, 2008, National Public Radio KUOW 94.9 FM) Brad Hanson discusses NWFSC research on diet of Puget Sound killer whales and potential factors in recent decline. listen to the audio clip

Seven Puget Sound orcas presumed dead
Los Angeles Times. Kim Murphy. October 28, 2008

Researchers have breakthrough to cure serious salmon disease.October 28, 2008.
King 5 News, by Gary Chittim (Mark Strom interviewed on genome sequencing project for pathogen causing bacterial kidney disease in salmon). watch the video clip

7 Puget Sound killer whales missing, presumed dead
Associated Press. October 27, 2008

7 orcas, regular visitors to Sound, likely dead
Seattle Times. Lynda Mapes. October 25, 2008

Researchers: 7 orcas missing from Puget Sound
Associated Press. October 25, 2008

Missing endangered B.C. killer whales feared dead of starvation
Canwest News Service. Judith Lavoie. October 25, 2008

Are the orcas starving?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Robert McClure. October 24, 2008

Severn Puget Sound orca deaths attributed to lack of food
Kitsap Sun. Christopher Dunagan. October 23, 2008

Chemicals In Our Waters Are Affecting Humans And Aquatic Life In Unanticipated Ways.
Science Daily. February 21, 2008.

Herring roe will help judge spill's impact.
Marin Independent Journal. Mark Prado. February 19, 2008.

Chemical threat to planet rising; 30,000 substances now are in use, researcher says.
The Columbus Dispatch. Kevin Mayhood. February 19, 2008.

Air pollution in British cities is 'as toxic to the heart as an oil spill'.
The Daily Mail. Fiona Macrae. February 19, 2008.

New Findings On Emerging Contaminants.
Medical News Today. February 18, 2008.

Pesticides affect nervous system.
The Times of India. February, 17, 2008.

Science Podcast: 2008 AAAS Annual Meeting Stories
(February 16, 2008, Science Podcast) Nat Scholz discusses how mixtures of chemical contaminants such as pesticides are affecting salmon behavior. listen to the audio clip

Health effects of pesticide mixtures: unexpected insights from the salmon brain.
Biomedicine. February 16, 2008.

Salmon's brain gives clues to pesticides toxicity in people.
Environmental News Network. February 16, 2008.

Pesticide brew spells trouble for salmon.
Science Now Daily News. Eric Stokstad. February 16, 2008.

Impacts of fossil fuels on fish and people.
Science Daily. February, 16, 2008.

Numbers can tell a story about Puget Sound.
Kistsap Sun. February 11, 2008. Christopher Dunagan.

California return of Chinook hits record low.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. January 29, 2008. Associated Press.

Puget Sound orcas feeding in California again.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer. January 28, 2008. Robert McClure.

Hundreds of Pacific salmon now extinct.
Current Results. January 2008. Liz Osborn.