Northwest Fisheries Science Center

SEA Times

The SEA Times (Science Education A'sea), articles feature both crew and scientists aboard the R/V Melville during the cruise, as well as the joys and frustrations of life at sea.

9/2/05 - ECOHAB-Pacific Northwest Research Cruise Departs Elliot Bay
Experience the hard work, dedication, sunrises and sunsets, and camaraderie of life at sea with an international team of scientists and crew.

9/3/05 - Initial Sampling Reveals the Presence of Pseudo-nitzschia
Pseudo-nitzschia is of particular interest because it can produce a toxin called domoic acid.

9/4/05 - ECOHAB-PNW Scientists Find a Home Away from Home
The 28 ECOHAB-PNW scientists depend on the expertise of the 24 top-notch crew members for the success of the research cruise.

9/5/05 - Environmental Variables Monitored to Understand HABs
The array of scientific equipment attached to the CTD will provide key data to the research teams.

9/6/05 - All Aboard Awed by Pacific Northwest Landscape and Seascape
Everyone on the R/V Melville agrees, life at sea has its charm. The complement of 52 scientists and crew has had time between working and sampling to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

9/7/05 - Northerly Winds Excite ECOHAB-PNW Scientists
This swirling phenomenon has a diameter of approximately 20 miles.

9/8/05 - Scientists Track What's Mowing the Marine Lawn
These single-celled organisms provide half of the oxygen we breathe!

9/9/05 - The Iron Fish and Terminator Team Up for the Ironman
How do you get a precise reading of dissolved iron in ocean water when studying from a 2,516-ton steel ship?

9/10/05 - Drifter Tracks Ocean Currents
Our saltwater explorer has an important job: to drift with a large patch of Pseudo-nitzschia algae down the southern coast of Washington.

9/11/05 - Dinner for Two: Diatoms and Dinoflagellates
These nutrients are necessary for the phytoplankton (diatoms and dinoflagellates) to grow - just like how the fertilizers you put on your garden at home help land plants to grow.

09/12/05 - How ECOHAB-Pacific Northwest Relates to You