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Document Type: Technical Memorandum
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 1130
Title: Status review of five rockfish species in Puget Sound, Washington:  Bocaccio (Sebastes paucispinis), canary rockfish (S. pinniger), yelloweye rockfish (S. ruberrimus), greenstriped rockfish (S. elongatus), and redstripe rockfish (S. proriger)
Author/Editor: J. Drake, E. A. Berntson, J. M. Cope, Rick G. Gustafson, E. E. Holmes, P. S. Levin, N. Tolimieri, Robin S. Waples, S. Sogard, G. D. Williams
Publication Year: 2010
Tech Memo Number: NMFS-NWFSC-108
Notes: 234 pages