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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: Comparison of fine-scale acoustic monitoring systems using home range size of a demersal fish
Author: K. S. Andrews, N. Tolimieri, G. D. Williams, J. F. Samhouri, C. J. Harvey, P. S. Levin
Publication Year: 2011
Journal: Marine Biology
Volume: 158
Pages: 2377-2387
DOI: 10.1007/s00227-011-1724-5

We compared the results from fixed acoustic
transmitters and transmitters implanted in lingcod
Ophiodon elongatus provided by two fine-scale passive
acoustic monitoring systems: the older Vemco Radio
Acoustic Positioning (VRAP) system and the newer VR2W
Positioning System (VPS) with either three or four
receivers. The four-receiver VPS method calculated five
times more positions of lingcod than VRAP and more than
twice as many as the three-receiver VPS. Calculated
positions of fixed transmitters were less precise with VRAP
than either VPS approach. Measurements of home range
for lingcod were similar between the four-receiver VPS
and VRAP, which were both greater than the three-receiver
VPS. Comparisons varied when lingcod were in/near
complex habitats. As new technology develops, it is
important to understand how new methods compare to
previous methods. This may be important when describing
patterns of movement or habitat use in the context of
changes in habitat or management efforts.

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