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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 1754
Title: Scale and pattern of broadnose sevengill shark Notorynchus cepedianus movement in estuarine embayments
Author: G. D. Williams, K. S. Andrews, S. L. Katz, Mary L. Moser, N. Tolimieri, D. A. Farrer, P. S. Levin
Publication Year: 2012
Journal: Journal of Fish Biology
Volume: 80
Issue: 5
Pages: 1380-1400
Keywords: Notorynchus cepedianus, movement, acoustic telemetry, site fidelity, Willapa Bay, estuaries,
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Notes: DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8649.2011.03179.x
Theme: Ecosystem Approach to Management for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem
Foci: Characterize ecological interactions (e.g. predation, competition, parasitism, disease, etc.) within and among species to support ecosystem approach to management.