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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 4258
Title: Implications of observed anthropogenic changes to the nearshore ecosystems in Puget Sound
Author/Editor: Kurt L. Fresh, Megan N. Dethier, Charles A. Simenstad, M. G. Logsdon, Hugh Shipman, Curtis D. Tanner, Thomas M. Leschine, Tom F. Mumford, Guy Gelfenbaum, Randy Shuman, J. A. Newton
Year: 2012
Institution: Technical Report 2011-03. Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project. Olympia, Washington
Date: 2011
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Notes: 29 pages
Theme: Ecosystem Approach to Management for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem
Foci: Characterize ecological interactions (e.g. predation, competition, parasitism, disease, etc.) within and among species to support ecosystem approach to management.