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Document Type: Chapter or Section
Center: NWFSC
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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Regional comparisons of juvenile salmon feeding in coastal marine waters off the West Coast of North America
Book Title: Ecology of juvenile salmon in the northeast Pacific Ocean: regional comparisons
Author: Richard D. Brodeur, Elizabeth A. Daly, Molly V. Sturdevant, T. W. Miller, Jamal H. Moss, M. Thiess, Marc Trudel, Laurie A. Weitkamp, J. L. Armstrong, E. C. Norton
Editor: Churchill B. Grimes, Richard D. Brodeur, Lewis J. Haldorson, Stewart M. McKinnell (Eds.)
Publication Year: 2007
Publisher: AFS Symposium 57. American Fisheries Society. Bethesda, Maryland
Pages: 183-203
Keywords: diet, regime, jevenile salmon, Chinook, coho, sockeye, pink, California Current, Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific, feeding intensity
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