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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: Using In Situ Video Analysis to Assess Juvenile Flatfish Behavior Along the Oregon Central Coast
Author: Amy Stinton, L. Ciannelli, D. C. Reese, W. Waldo Wakefield
Publication Year: 2014
Journal: California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports
Volume: 55
Pages: 158-168
Keywords: in situ video, hypoxia, juvenile, flatfish, performance, behavior,

We examined the feasibility of using a video beam trawl system to assess behavioral responses of juvenile flatfishes in relation to co-occurring habitat features, most notably dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations. Sixteen samples were collected along a cross shelf transect in the central Oregon coast during summer 2008. We found that juvenile fish reaction duration, defined as the time in seconds from first reaction to capture, decreased with decreased DO. However, other variables such as bottom water temperature, fish size, and fish species composition by site are potentially confounding factors of the analysis. The dominant flatfish species shifted from English sole (Parophyrs vetulus) to Pacific sanddab (Citharichthys sordidus) with increased depth. Escape behavior varied from “burying” in the shallows, to “hovering” at mid-depth stations, and “running” at the deepest site. Collectively, our results suggest that the video beam trawl effectively monitor behavioral metrics and community composition of nearshore flatfish assemblages.

Theme: Habitats to Support Sustainable Fisheries and Recovered Populations
Foci: Characterize habitat effects on ecosystem processes, ecological interactions and the health of organisms.
Characterize the interaction of human use and habitat distribution, quantity and quality.
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Stinton, A., L. Ciannelli, D.C. Reese, W.W. Wakefield. In press. Using in situ video analysis to assess juvenile flatfish behavior along the Oregon central coast. CalCOFI Rep. 55:158-168.