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Document Type: Technical Memorandum
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 4634
Title: Northwest Fisheries Science Center's analyses of tissue, sediment, and water samples for organic contaminants by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and analyses of tissue for lipid classes by thin layer chromatography/flame ionization detection
Author/Editor: C. A. Sloan, B. F. Anulacion, Keri A. Baugh, J. L. Bolton, D. Boyd, R. H. Boyer, D. G. Burrows, D. P. Herman, Ronald W. Pearce, G. M. Ylitalo (NWFSC)
Publication Year: 2014
Tech Memo Number: NMFS-NWFSC-125
Pages: 61
Date: 2014

This document describes the analytical methods developed and currently used by the Environmental Conservation Division of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center for the analysis of sediment, tissue and water samples for part-per-billion concentrations (nanograms per gram or nanograms per milliliter) of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and persistent organic pollutants, plus selected alkanes in water samples as needed. Detailed descriptions are also given for measuring lipid classes in tissues, for determining the percent total extractable content of tissues, and for determining the percent dry weight of tissues and sediments.

Theme: Sustaining Marine Ecosystem and Human Health
Foci: Develop methods, technologies, and data integration tools to predict ocean-related public health risks into health early warning and ocean observing systems
Ensure safe and sustainable seafood for healthy populations.