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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 5221
Title: Preserving salmon biodiversity
Author: P. S. Levin, Michael H. Schiewe
Publication Year: 2001
Journal: American Scientist
Volume: 89
Issue: 3
Pages: 220-227

 Over the last several decades, people living in the Pacific Northwest have seen dwindling numbers of salmonid fishes (which include five species of salmon and two of trout) in local rivers and streams.  Much of the loss can be attributed to the destruction of habitat as the region becomes more developed.  Some of the blame can also be placed on the inadequate regulation of fishing.  The resulting problems go beyond the obvious decline in numbers:  The genetic diversity in these fish is also being eroded.  Strategies to restore Pacific salmonids to a healthy state will need to ensure that adequate biodiversity is maintained. 

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