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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: The Truth about Science:  a middle school curriculum teaching the scientific method and data analysis in an ecology context
Author: E. Ashley Steel, K. A. Kelsey, J. Morita
Publication Year: 2004
Journal: Environmental and Ecological Statistics
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pages: 21-29

The Truth About Science is a 40-lesson middle school curriculum module that teaches the process of scientific research, integrating mathematics and science concepts and skills.  The goal of the curriculum is to teach students to think systematically and statistically about science inquiry.  Students participate in each step of the scientific inquiry process, from asking testable research questions, designing unbiased experiments, and collecting their own data, to analyzing these data via graphical representations and statistical summaries, and communicating their research results as both poster and oral presentations.  While the necessary statistical skills depend on difficult and abstract mathematical concepts, middle school students have been successful in applying them to their own research projects . The curriculum meets local and national standards in science and mathematics education and fills a gap in available educational materials.  It has been piloted and revised through multiple iterations and published by the National Science Teachers Association Press.  Feedback from teachers and students has been extremely positive.

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