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Center: NWFSC
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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Redfish Lake sockeye salmon captive broodstock programs
Book Title: Proceedings of the 1993 Alaska Sockeye Salmon Culture Workshop, 2-3 November 1993, Cooper Landing, Alaska
Author: Thomas A. Flagg, K. Johnson, J. C. Gislason
Publication Year: 1994
Publisher: Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Juneau
Pages: 163-174

The National Marine Fisheries Service is developing a formal recovery plan for Snake River sockeye salmon.  In cooperation with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Bonneville Power Administration, and others, NMFS has begun interim recovery measures for anadromous Snake River sockeye salmon.  These efforts focus on protecting the last known remnants of this stock:  sockeye salmon that return to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Basin of Idaho at the headwaters of the Salmon River.  Because of the critically low population size of Redfish Lake sockeye salmon, interim recovery measures are centered around a series of captive broodstocks to maintain the species while habitat improvements are underway.

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