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Document Type: Chapter or Section
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 5972
Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Thyroid hormones in smoltification of anadromous salmonids
Book Title: Proceedings of the North Pacific Aquaculture Symposium. 18-21 August 1980, Anchorage, Alaska
Author: Walton W. Dickhoff, Leroy C. Folmar, James L. Mighell, Conrad V. W. Mahnken, A. Gorbman
Editor: Brenda A. Melteff, Richard A. Nevé (Eds.)
Publication Year: 1982
Publisher: University of Alaska Sea Grant Report 82-2
Pages: 217-226
Notes: Section VI: Physiology of smoltification Entire symposium proceedings available from National Sea Grant Library: