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Document Type: Technical Memorandum
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 6216
Title: Coastal Zone and Estuarine Studies Division research activities and accomplishments: 1980-89
Author/Editor: Douglas B. Dey
Publication Year: 1993
Tech Memo Number: NMFS-NWFSC-7
Date: 1993

The principal objective of the Coastal Zone and Estuarine Studies (CZES) Division is to provide information leading to the protection, development, and balanced growth of important living aquatic resources.  Throughout the Pacific Northwest during the 1980s, a number of environmental concerns were brought to the forefront.  Of particular significance and interest to CZES Division staff was the increased political, scientific, and social emphasis on fisheries enhancement to mitigate fisheries losses, as well as to assess environmental effects. Division research goals have aligned strongly with these increasing priorities for aquatic resources.

Included among these resources are salmon, steelhead, shad, smelt, sturgeon, oysters, clams, shrimps, crabs, and aquatic plants.  Every fishery is a complex of interactions among organisms, the environment, and social values.  The role of the CZES Division is to plan, carry out, and report on the research necessary to understand these interactions and to identify and solve problems within them.

Research projects presented in this report have been arranged into five general areas of investigation:

  1. Salmonid Migration of both adults and juveniles
  2. Salmonid Propagation, including reproduction and developmental physiology
  3. Ecosystem Assessments, both broad and species-specific
  4. Environmental Effects
  5. Technological Contributions

Within each of these categories, the projects discussed represent collaborative efforts between CZES scientists, technicians, and support personnel.  In many cases, collaborations extended to other federal, state, and tribal agencies.  Each project is summarized here with a corresponding bibliography.  The objective of this report is to present a survey of research activities by CZES Division staff during the 1980s and to identify pertinent reports and publications that will provide additional details where needed.


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