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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Possible influences of solar UV radiation in the evolution of marine zooplankton
Book Title: The role of solar ultraviolet radiation in marine ecosystems. Proceedings of the NATO Conference on UV and marine ecosystems: Series IV, marine sciences. Vol. 7
Author: David M. Damkaer
Editor: John Calkins (Ed.)
Publication Year: 1982
Publisher: Plenum Press, NY
Pages: 701-706

Evolution is understood to be a species' total response to a large number of environmental factors.  One of these factors, even in the sea, may be solar UV radiation.  If so, one might relate a number of unique features of marine zooplankton to the selective pressures of this near-surface stress.  Some characteristics of marine zooplankton that may have been in­fluenced or even determined by UV radiation are the diel vertical migration, certain seasonal migrations and the seasonal occurrence of near-surface larvae, UV-absorbent cuticles, zooplankton coloration, zooplankton associations, and zooplankton shapes.