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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Predation on juvenile salmonids by Caspian Terns nesting in Potholes Reservoir
Book Title: Research, monitoring, and evaluation of avian predation on salmonid smolts in the lower and mid-Columbia River: 2005 final season summary
Author: T. P. Good, D. Harstad, C. Hall, C. Maranto, M. Harper, Brad A. Ryan
Editor: Ken Collis, Daniel D. Roby, Jessica Y. Adkins, Chris Couch, Brendan Courtot, Rachel Lord, Donald E. Lyons, Yasuko Suzuki (Eds.)
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: Report of Bird Research Northwest to the Bonneville Power Administration. Portland, Oregon
Pages: 96-130

Appendix in Annual Report to Bonneville Power Administration and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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