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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 6509
Title: Recommendations for Broad Scale Monitoring to Evaluate the Effects of Hatchery Supplementation on the Fitness of Natural Salmon and Steelhead Populations. Final Draft Report of the Ad Hoc Supplementation Monitoring and Evaluation Workgroup
Author/Editor: P. F. Galbreath, C. A. Beasley, B. A. Berejikian, R. W. Carmichael, D. E. Fast, Michael J. Ford, J. A. Hesse, L. L. McDonald, A. R. Murdoch, C. M. Peven, D. A. Venditti
Year: 2008
Institution: Fish Science Department, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Quantitative Consultants, Inc.; Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries; Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Yakima Klickitat Fisheries Project, Yakima Nation; Department of Fisheries, Nex Perce Tribe; Western Ecosystems Technology, Inc.; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Fisheries Program, Chalan Public Utility District; Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Date: April 4, 2008