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Document Type: Chapter or Section
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 6790
Type of Book: Contract
Section or Chapter Title: Preventative medicine: status of the legal use of vaccines
Book Title: Salmonid diseases: a workshop summary. 17 April 1974, Seattle
Author: Anthony J. Novotny
Publication Year: 1974
Publisher: University of Washington Sea Grant Program Publication No. WSG-WO 75-2
Pages: 18-20

The intensive culture of fish in natural marine waters is historically documented as having great potential (because of the amount of water available), and is rapidly moving into expanding production.  Production in Japan is measured in thousands of metric tons and in the U.S. and Norway, production is now being measured in hundreds of metric tons.  As production moves from pilot scale to full commercial production, the problems of fish diseases rear their ugly heads and dominate the scene.  Although commercial farmers are always interested in the latest developments in the therapeutic treatment of fish diseases, the long–range interest is in disease prevention.  Undoubtedly, the future will show that properly balanced diets for use in the marine culture of fish will be of importance in preventing or limiting the ravages of epizootics.  But there will be an equal or greater emphasis on the use of specific vaccines.