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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 6797
Title: A 132-kilocycle sonic fish tag
Author: Anthony J. Novotny, Gordon F. Esterberg
Publication Year: 1962
Journal: The Progressive Fish-Culturist
Volume: 24
Issue: 3
Pages: 139-141

Development of electronic equipment for the tracking of individual adult salmon began in 1955.  By 1957, Bureau of Commercial Fisheries research biologists, making use of a sonic fish tag and sonar receiving equipment designed by the Minneapolis–Honeywell Corporation, were successfully tracking adult salmon in the Columbia River.  Mechanisms and functions of the receiving apparatus have been described by Trefethen, Dudley, and Smith (1957).  The present article is a description of the latest progress in sonic fish–tag development.   

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