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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 6847
Title: MORPHO Fortran computer programs for the collection and multivariate analysis of morphometric distance characters
Author/Editor: Gary A. Winans
Year: 1984
Institution: User guide. Coastal Zone and Estuarine Studies Division, Northwest and Alaska Fisheries Science Center. National Marine Fisheries Service
Date: 1984

MORPHO is a series of NMFS computer programs designed for the collection and multivariate analysis of morphometric distance characters.  MORPHO consists of three FORTRAN programs: 

1)  DIGITIZE—collects X-Y coordinate data from a remote computer device, e.g., a digitizing pad, for relevant morphological features or landmarks around the outline of a specimen.

2)  MMCALC—calculates Euclidean (=morphometric) distances between any pair of landmarks in any geometrical pattern.  Output is n untransformed distance measurements.

3)  PCA/SHEAR—computes principal components from the overall variance–covariance matrix for continuous and discrete data and shears components II–IV to produce size–free shape components [after Humphries et al. 1981, Systematic Zoo1ogy (3 )].  Output includes component scores on I-IV and sheared scores on II-IV.  Results are viewed on B.M.D. plots and histograms.