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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: A study of the reproductive biology of the red abalone, Haliotis rufescens swainson, near Mendocino, California
Author: Albert E. Giorgi, J. D. DeMartini.
Publication Year: 1977
Journal: California Fish and Game
Volume: 63
Issue: 2
Pages: 80-94

The reproductive cycles of two subtidal populations of the red abalone, Haliotis rufescens, were studied at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse Station and Van Damme State Park near Mendocino, California.  From June 1972, through March 1974, gametogenesis was monitored histologically.  Both populations spawned during spring and early summer.  Not all members of either population spawned during a season.  Fecundity was estaimated for females ranging in shell lengths 134.00 to 198.5 mm (5.3 to 7.8 inches). The lowest and highest estimates were 619,000 and 12,575,000 ripe oocytes per ovary.  The minimum size at sexual maturity was investigated.  The smallest male was 84.5 mm (3.3 inches) and the smallest female was 39.5 mm (1.6 inches).  Females matured at a smaller size than males.  A possible mode of gamete resorption was noted.  

Notes: California Fish and Game Journal: