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Document Type: Journal Article
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Document ID: 7250
Title: Folsom plankton splitter modified for enumeration of entomostraca
Author: John F. Scarola, Anthony J. Novotny
Publication Year: 1968
Journal: Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: 195-196

The Folsom plankton splitter described by McEwen, Johnson, and Folsom (1954) sample was originally used for the subsampling of marine zooplankton.  The splitter is a rotating cylindrical drum with a vertical, semicircular partition mounted in the center. The drum is supported by two legs fastened to a base plate, fitted with leveling screws and a spirit level.  A plankton sample is poured into the drum.  When the drum is rotated, the partition splits the sample.  When this splitter was used to enumerate freshwater zooplankton, namely entomostracans, organisms were frequently lost in manipulation and removal of the subsample.   To reduce these losses we modified the splitter by providing four splitting chambers instead of the original two and replacing the pouring spouts with individual chamber drains fitted with pieces of rubber tubing and pinch clamps. 

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