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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7430
Title: Life Cycle Assessment of Products from Alaskan Salmon Byproducts: implications of coproduction, intermittent landings, and storage time
Author: J. Cooper, S. Diesburg, A. Babej, M. Noon, E. Kahn, M. Puettmann, J. Colt
Publication Year: 2014
Journal: Fisheries Research
Volume: 151
Pages: 26-38
Keywords: salmon processing wastes, life cycle assessment, product displacement ,

 The goal of this research is to examine the gate-to-grave life cycle of byproduct (a.k.a. offal) management options for salmon processing in Sitka, Alaska using Life Cycle Assessment. The bases for comparison are the management of 1 kg of offal and the management of ~33,000 metric tons of offal generated intermittently throughout 2010 in Southeast Alaska for grind and discharge, two types of fresh processing, and stabilized/ensiled offal processing. It is found that the contributions to eutrophication, acidification, and climate change are consistently reduced by assuming product displacements of meal, oil, and gelatin coproducts as compared to grind and discharge.  Further, increasing the allowable storage time by stabilizing the byproduct feedstock provides additional benefit by reducing the amount of byproduct ground and discharged.