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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7449
Title: The historical range of beaver (Castor canadensis) in coastal California: an updated review of the evidence
Author: Chris W. Lanman, Kaste Lundquist, Heide Perryman, J. Eli Asarian, Brock Dohlman, Richard B. Lanman, Michael M. Pollock
Publication Year: 2013
Journal: California Fish and Game
Volume: 99
Issue: 4
Pages: 193-221
Keywords: Beaver,California,Castor Canadensis,fur trade,historic range,San Francisco Bay,

The North American beaver (Castor canadensis) has not been considered native to the watersheds of coastal California nor the San Francisco Bay Area.  These assertions form the basis of current wildlife management policies regarding that aquatic mammal and they date to the first half of the twentieth century.  This review challenges those long–held assumptions based on verifiable (physical) and documented (reliable observational) records.  Novel findings are facilitated by recently digitized information largely inaccessible prior to the 21st century.  Understanding that beaver are native to California’s coastal watersheds is important, as their role in groundwater recharge, repair of stream channel incision, and restoration of wetlands may be critical to the conservation of threatened salmonids, as well as endangered amphibians and riparian–dependent birds.

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Theme: Habitats to Support Sustainable Fisheries and Recovered Populations
Foci: Develop effective and efficient habitat restoration and conservation techniques.