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Document Type: Magazine Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7539
Author: John Colt, Gary Fornshell
Year: 2014
Title: Water Quality in Tilapia Transport: From the Farm to the Retail Store
Magazine: Global Aquaculture Advocate
Volume: May/June 2014
Pages: 48-50

 When fish producers and markets are separated by long distances, economic losses can occur as a result of the multistep hauling process. In a review involving tilapia, dissolved oxygen levels were found adequate in hauling trucks, although pH levels dropped during transport. Dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations were generally excellent in retail holding tanks. However, transfers from hauling to retail tanks involve time out of water and shifting water parameters that can result in significant physiological impacts. Because of the difficulty in conducting experiments with commercial haulers and retail stores, future work is best conducted in simulated hauling experiments or test hauls.