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Center: NWFSC
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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Abundance and distribution of northern anchovy eggs and larvae (Engraulis mordax) off the Oregon Coast:  mid-1970s vs. 1994 and 1995
Book Title: Forage fishes in marine ecosystems. Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Role of Forage Fishes in Marine Ecosystems. 13-16 November 1996, Anchorage, Alaska
Author: Robert L. Emmett, Paul J. Bentley, Michael H. Schiewe
Publication Year: 1997
Publisher: Alaska Sea Grant College Program AKU-W-96-002
Pages: 505-508

The objective of our research is to identify the status of the northern anchovy population off Oregon and southern Washington and investigate the relationship between anchovy abundance and juvenile coho salmon ocean survival.  To accomplish this task, eggs and larvae of northern anchovy were collected using a vertically towed 25–cm–diameter bongo (CalVET) net constructed of 0.15–mm mesh and deployed from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) 17.4–m research vessel, Sea Otter.  At each station, the net was deployed to a depth of 70 m (or just above the bottom) and retrieved at a rate of 70 m per minute.  Samples were preserved in a 4% buffered formaldehyde solution.  Other parameters measured included profiles of temperature, conductivity, and depth.  Seawater samples were taken at each station at a depth of 3 m, filtered, and frozen for later chlorophyll a analysis.  Ichthyoplankton samples were collected during July 1994 and 1995 off southern Washington and northern Oregon; July is the peak month of spawning for northern anchovy in the Pacific Northwest.  

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