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Document Type: Technical Memorandum
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7679
Title: National benthic surveillance project:   Pacific coast. Part 1:  Summary and overview of the results for Cycles I to III (1984-86)
Author/Editor: U. Varanasi, Sin Lam Chan, Bruce B. McCain, Michael H. Schiewe, Robert C. Clark, Donald W. Brown, Mark S. Myers, John T. Landahl, Margaret M. Krahn, William D. Gronlund, William D. MacLeod
Publication Year: 1988
Tech Memo Number: NMFS-F/NWC-156

The report summarizes and interprets the results of the first 3 years of the Pacific Coast phase of the National Benthic Surveillance Project (NBSP), a component of NOAA's National Status and Trends Program.  A comprehensive database has been developed, which includes detailed information on the distribution of a variety of chemical contaminants.  These contaminants include selected aromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs, organochlorine insecticides and metals in surficial sediments and in liver tissue, bile, and stomach contents of selected bottom–feeding fish.  The overall finding from the NBSP for the years 1984-86 indicated that the highest concentrations of most sediment–associated contaminants were present in the highly urbanized areas, and that contaminants were bioavailable to indigenous marine species.   


Notes: 65 pages