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Type of Book: Technical
Section or Chapter Title: Preliminary tests with louvers in the Troy Laboratory on the Grande Ronde River. Report No. 18
Book Title: Fish-Passage Research Program review of progress 1964, Volume III
Author: Daniel W. Bates, Russell Vinsonhaler, Doyle F. Sutherland
Editor: Gerald B. Collins, Carl H. Elling (Eds.)
Publication Year: 1964
Publisher: Report of the Accelerated Fish-Passage Research Program to the U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. Seattle, Washington

The efficient and low-cost collection of juvenile salmonids has been subject to many years of intensive investigation.  That there has been no relaxation in the intensiveness of the effort clearly points out present-day limitations in the field of fish collection.

The purpose of the study presented here was to provide a continuation of the vertical louver tests originating at Tracy, California, and particularly to determine response differences, if any, between fish of different river systems such as the Sacramento and the Grande Ronde Rivers.  This work was conducted during the spring and summer of 1964 in the newly completed Troy Laboratory (Grande Ronde test facility) constructed on the Grande Ronde River near Troy, Oregon.