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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7739
Title: Traveling screen for removal of debris from rivers
Author/Editor: Daniel W. Bates, Ernest W. Murphey, Martin G. Beam
Year: 1971
Institution: NOAA Technical Report NMFS SSRF-645

During a 2-year period of intermittent operation, it was clearly indicated that the traveling debris screen combines all the advantages of the stationary trash rack plus others such as low construction and maintenance cost, efficient deflection of debris, simplicity of design, and ease with which it collects, transports, and releases debris.  Its one major disadvantage is the collection of streamers of moss which, as they are carried downstream, become entangled in the cable rings.  The accumulation of moss can be rapid and troublesome.  The debris screen, as described, appears to be practical for canal and river flows of considerable magnitude, limited only by the seasonal passage of moss.