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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 7961
Title: Bureau of Commercial Fisheries oil research program
Author: Maurice E. Stansby, Charles Butler
Publication Year: 1958
Journal: Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society
Volume: 35
Issue: 7
Pages: a8-a12

 The Bureau of Commercial Fisheries has had under way since 1955 an extensive research program to develop wider uses for fish oils. The program is carried out in the Bureau’s own laboratories, in university laboratories, and in other qualified laboratories.

The initial effort has been concentrated largely on basic research in an effort to learn more about the chemistry of fish oils, a field heretofore incompletely explored. Some applied research projects also were begun concurrently.

Basic studies are being carried out on the chemistry of the components of fish oils (for example, polyene fatty acids), on the extracted fish oils themselves, and onin situ fish oils of the fish tissue.

Investigations of fish-oil fatty acids are being made on chemical structure, methods of separation, chemical reactions, oxidative deterioration, and nutritive value, with especial emphasis on possible therapeutic aspects for human beings.

The applied research projects include investigation of fish oils and the chemically modified compounds thereof as fungicides, as leather lubricants, and as ore-flotation agents.

The applied and basic programs are coordinated so that findings of the basic work can be put to use in the applied work as soon as available.

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