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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: Molecular characterization of the gonadal kisspeptin system: cloning, tissue distribution, gene expression analysis and localization in sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)
Author: Marian R. Fairgrieve, Yasushi Shibata, Elizabeth K. Smith, Edward S. Hayman, J. A. Luckenbach
Publication Year: 2016
Journal: General and Comparative Endocrinology
Volume: 225
Pages: 212-223
Keywords: Reproductive endocrinology,Ovarian development,sex differentiation,sablefish,kisspeptins,aquaculture,

The kisspeptin system plays pivotal roles in the regulation of vertebrate reproduction. Classically, kisspeptin produced in the brain stimulates brain gonadotropin-releasing hormone signaling, which in turn activates the pituitary–gonad axis. Expression of the kisspeptin system has also been documented in peripheral tissues, including gonads of mammals and fishes. However, the fish gonadal kisspeptin system remained uncharacterized. Herein we report identification and characterization of four kisspeptin system mRNAs (kisspeptin 1 (kiss1), kiss2, and G protein-coupled receptor 54-1 (gpr54-1) and gpr54-2) in sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria. Sablefish predicted protein sequences were highly similar to those of other marine teleosts, but less so to freshwater teleosts. Tissue distribution analyses revealed that all four kisspeptin-system transcripts were expressed in both brain and gonad. However, kiss2 was the predominant transcript in the gonads and the only transcript detected in ovulated eggs. Ontogenetic analysis of kiss2 expression in juvenile sablefish gonads demonstrated that levels were low during sex differentiation but increased with fish size and gonadal development. Dramatic increases in kiss2 mRNA occurred during primary oocyte growth, while levels remained relatively low in testes. In situ hybridization revealed that kiss2 mRNA was localized to cytoplasm of perinucleolus stage oocytes, suggesting it could play a local role in oogenesis or could be synthesized and stored within oocytes as maternal mRNA. This represents the first study to focus on the gonadal kisspeptin system in fishes and provides important tools for further investigation of both the gonadal and brain kisspeptin systems in sablefish.

Theme: Sustainable, safe and secure seafood for healthy populations and vibrant communities
Foci: Develop research and technology to foster innovative and sustainable approaches to aquaculture.