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Document Type: Contract Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 8563
Title: Modeling seabird distribtuions off the Pacific coast of Washington
Author/Editor: Charles W. Menza, Jeffery Leirness, T. M. White, A. Winship, Brian P. Kinlan, J. E. Zamon, Lisa T. Ballance, Elizabeth A. Becker, Karin A. Forney, Josh Adams, David Pereksta, Scott F. Pearson, John Pierce, Liam Antrim, Nancy Wright, Ed Bowbly (Contributing Authors)
Publication Year: 2015
Type of Report: Final
Publisher: NOAA-NOS-National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
Place Published: Silver Spring, MD
Contracting Agency: Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Contract Number: MOA-2013-038(Annex#002)/8963
Pages: 63
Date: June 2015

This report presents seasonal distribution maps of selected seabird species off the Pacific coast of Washington. Maps were created to support state-led marine spatial planning by identifying ecologically important areas for seabirds. Seabird distribution maps were constructed by predicting relative density across the seascape using associative models linking at-sea seabird observations with environmental covariates. Seabird observations were compiled from federal and state monitoring programs with data between 2000 and 2013. Environmental variables were processed from long-term archival satellite, oceanographic, and hydrographic databases. All models show good to excellent performance based on model performance diagnostics and expert review. Although this work was completed to support marine spatial planning by the state of Washington, these data will benefit other organizations and other purposes including assessments of marine sanctuary condition, ecosystem health, coastal hazard impacts, and climate change.


This is the final report.

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Theme: Ecosystem approach to improve management of marine resources
Foci: Assess ecosystem status and trends.
Provide scientific support for the implementation of ecosystem-based management
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Menza, C., J. Leirness, T. White, A. Winship, B. Kinlan, J. E. Zamon, L. Ballance, E. Becker, K. Forney, J. Adams, D. Pereksta, S. Pearson, J. Pierce, L. Antrim, N. Wright, E. Bowlby. 2015. Modeling seabird distributions off the Pacific coast of Washington. Final report to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, NOAA-NOS-NCOS MOA-2013-038(Annex #002)/8963. Silver Spring, MD. 63 pp.