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Document Type: Contract Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 8610
Title: Detection of PIT-tagged juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River estuary using a pair trawl, 2014
Author/Editor: Matthew S. Morris, Robert J. Magie, Paul J. Bentley, Benjamin P. Sandford, Richard D. Ledgerwood
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: National Marine Fisheries Service
Contracting Agency: Bonneville Power Administration. Portland, Oregon
Contract Number: 46273 RL58
Project Number: 1993-029-00
Pages: 48
Keywords: PIT detection, juvenile salmon, estuary, survival estimates,
Notes: 48 pages plus appendices
Theme: Recovery and rebuilding of marine and coastal species
Foci: Characterize the population biology of species, and develop and improve methods for predicting the status of populations.