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Document Type: Contract Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 8851
Title: Smolt salvage, John Day Dam, 1984
Author/Editor: Dean A. Brege, Richard C. Johnsen, Carl W. Sims
Publication Year: 1985
Publisher: National Marine Fisheries Service
Contracting Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Portland, Oregon

In 1984, the National Marine Fisheries Service was contracted to salvage stranded juvenile salmonids from turbine intake gatewells at John Day Dam on the Columbia River.  The purpose of the program was to expeditiously remove juveniles from gatewells associated with Turbines 1-9 while bypass construction was in progress and release them into the tailrace.  Fish were removed from 27 April through 30 September 1984 using either a dip-net or the box-net designed specifically for use at John Day Dam.  Both nets were constructed with sanctuary bags.  The netted fish were placed in a hopper and exited through a 4-inch diameter hose fitted with an electronic counter.  The hose led directly into the bypass flume near Turbine 10.  Fish were carried out with the bypass discharge which emptied into the tailrace adjacent to Spillbay 20.  Typically, each gatewell was sampled every 2 days as time and weather permitted.