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Document Type: Book
Center: NWFSC
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Type of Book: Technical
Title: Fish-Passage Research Program review of progress 1964, Volume I. Summary
Author/Editor: Gerald B. Collins, Carl H. Elling
Editor/Series Editor: Gerald B. Collins, Carl H. Elling
Publication Year: 1964
Publisher: Report of the Accelerated Fish-Passage Research Program to the U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. Seattle, Washington

An intensive program of fish-passage research was initiated in 1961 by Secretary of the Interior Udall in an effort to resolve problems of anadromous fish at high dams in the Middle Snake River Basin.  Factual information on the behavior, abilities, and requirements of migrating fish under situations anticipated at high dams was sought as a basis for decision on the direction toward which sound water resource development should proceed.  Research was planned and conducted as the joint effort of both state and federal fishery agencies, encompassing fish-passage research conducted at high dams and low dams, in laboratories, and in rivers and reservoirs.  Although the research program was not limited to projects that could be completed within 3 years, the end of 1964 was selected for a major review of progress.  It is for the purpose of this assessment of progress that the following volumes of reports have been assembled.

Results and conclusions given in these reports are preliminary in nature.  Research is continuing, and the provisional judgments in these reports are the responsibility of the authors, not necessarily reflecting the official opinions of any of the fishery agencies participating in the research program.  Participants in the Accelerated Fish-Passage Research Program include the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Fish Commission of Oregon, the Oregon State Game Commission, the Washington Department of Fisheries, the Washington Department of Game, and federal agencies--the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife and the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries.


Volume I is a summary that includes a list of all 77 reports contained in volumes I-V of Fish-Passage Research Program review of progress, 1964.