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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 8958
Title: Fish and fish oil in the diet and its effects on certain medical conditions:  a discussion largely in non-technical language
Author/Editor: Maurice E. Stansby
Year: 1991
City: Seattle
Institution: Northwest Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service

In June 1990 a book, Fish Oils in Nutrition, which I had edited was published.  This book was written for scientists, and accordingly, was for the most part not readily understandable to readers with limited or no background in such topics as chemistry, nutrition or the like.  In 1985 I had published a report, Medical Effects of Fish or Fish Oil in the Diet. Although this report was written employing limited scientific wording, it was to some extent still difficult for the average reader without scientific background to understand.

This present report has been assembled to bring up to date much material from the 1985 report, yet eliminating most of the scientific wording so that it could be readily understandable to any reader.  In some instances the text makes reference to the Appendix, where some of the more scientific aspects have been enlarged upon.

This report has 7 chapters.  Chapter 1 is an introduction, Chapter 2 covers the make-up of fish oils and variation in the amount of fatty acids in fish oils made from the same species etc.  Chapter 3 is on nutritional effects of fish oils for humans, bringing together information known long and more recent findings.

Chapter 4 describes how the fatty acids of fish oils which result in beneficial medical effects also render them highly vulnerable to oxidation and how this affects the oils.  Chapter 5 deals with the manufacture of crude fish oils followed by processing to give refined oils which are suitable for human consumption.  Chapter 6 relates to compounds sometimes found in fish oils other than triglycerides and phospholipids.  Most of it relates to glyceryl ethers.

Finally Chapter 7 is an appendix containing material with somewhat more scientific terminology for those interested.