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Document Type: Journal Article
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Title: The Impact of Catch Shares on Diversification of Fishers Income and Risk
Author: Daniel S. Holland, Cameron Speir, Juan Agar, Scott Crosson, Geret De Piper, Kasperski Steve, Andrew Kitts, Larry Perruso
Publication Year: 2017
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
Volume: 114
Issue: 35
Pages: 9302-9307

Many fishers diversify their income by participating in multiple fisheries which has been shown to significantly reduce year-to-year variation in income. Catch share programs could reduce diversification as a result of consolidation which could increase income variation and thus financial risk. We test whether diversification and variation in fishing revenues changed after implementation of catch shares for 6782 vessels in 13 US fisheries with 20% of US landings revenue. We find that diversification is generally reduced both for those fleets that remain active in the catch share fishery and for those that exit but remain active in other fisheries. However, in most cases we found no significant change in inter-annual variation of revenues and, where changes were significant, variation decreased more often than it increased


Empirical evaluation of changes in diversification and interannual variation of revenue for fishing vessels following implemenation of catch shares in 13 US fisheries.

Theme: Sustainable, safe and secure seafood for healthy populations and vibrant communities
Foci: Support effective catch share management and evaluation
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Holland, D.S., C. Speir, J. Agar, S. Crosson, G. DePiper, S. Kasperski, D. Kitts, and L. Perruso. 2017. The Impact of Catch Shares on Diversification of Fishers¿ Income and Risk? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (35) 9302-9307