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Document Type: Contract Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 9053
Title: Fish transportation studies: Priest Rapids Dam, 1991
Author/Editor: Christopher D. Carlson, Gene M. Matthews
Publication Year: 1992
Publisher: Grant County Public Utility District No. 2 and National Marine Fisheries Service
Contracting Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Portland, Oregon
Keywords: Columbia River salmon, transportation studies, sockeye salmon, Chinook salmon,

This is the eighth and final annual study report to evaluate downstream migrant spring chinook and sockeye salmon transported from Priest Rapids Dam to below Bonneville Dam.  The study was conducted by Grant County Public Utility District with the approval of the Mid-Columbia Coordinating Committee.  In 1991, we recovered a total of 204 adult sockeye salmon that were marked as juveniles in 1988.  Final recoveries for sockeye salmon marked in 1988 were 263 (1.5% of release) controls, 195 (1.8% of release) truck/barge transports, and 377 (2.1% of release) truck transports.  Spawning ground recoveries from smolts marked and released in 1988 indicated that early downstream migrants were composed primarily of Wenatchee River sockeye salmon; recoveries of later Okanogan River fish were very low.

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